The Halloween Candy To Eat Based on Your Zodiac Sign

With Halloween quickly approaching, it can be difficult to choose the finest candy among so many options. So many brands, varieties, prices, and textures are available for selection. You may not have thought of this yet, but you can narrow your options and simplify the process by looking to the stars.

In addition to providing greater insight into how we conduct our lives, our zodiac signs can reveal a great deal regarding our desires and preferences. So, why not also use your sign to locate the best Halloween candy?

Delicious Halloween Candy…
We consulted a few professional astrologers in order to determine the optimal candy for each of the 12 zodiac signs. Learn more about the finest Halloween candy for you based on your zodiac sign, and for more healthy eating tips this Halloween, see 20 Halloween Candies That Are Actually Not That Unhealthy.

Aries: Red Hots

Theresa Reed, tarot reader and author of Twist Your Fate: Manifest Your Fate With Astrology and Tarot, states, “Aries are known for their feisty nature and quick temper, so Red Hots gives them a burst of cinnamon fire with just the right amount of sweet to keep them cool.”

Taurus: M&M’s

This is why Maria Hayes, an astrologer and tarot reader with over 38 years of experience, recommends classic M&Ms.

“What chocolate is superior to M&Ms for the most stable, group-oriented sign? “It is a perennially popular candy due to its intense flavor,” says Hayes.

People also appreciate how Taurus provides a comfortable and familiar presence, which is why Hayes believes M&Ms are the ideal snack for this zodiac sign.

“Conceived as a way to have candies that ‘melt in your mouth, but not in your hands,’ M&M’s have become a staple for people, due to their texture and trademark aesthetic,” according to Hayes. “People look at this candy and see something easy to recognize, much like how easily recognizable and familiar a Taurus is to the people around them.”

Gemini: KitKat Bars

Geminis enjoy stimulating conversation, curiosity, and the ability to share.

“And if you want to strike up a conversation with other like-minded people, but can’t find the right candy for the job, the answer is simple, dear Gemini: Get a KitKat,” according to Hayes.

KitKat bars, a classic among shareable candies, can be a tasty way to forge connections swiftly.

“It is easily breakable and full of flavor, making it a popular chocolate bar for anyone trying to grab a quick bite,” Hayes elaborates.

Cancer: Starburst

You, as a Cancer, will likely want to give or consume candies that pander to your diverse and complex emotional spectrum.

“You love expressing yourself to others, and you want them to understand just how much they mean to you,” according to Hayes. Obviously, there is no better method to do this than with Starbursts. This non-chocolate confection literally explodes with various flavors. They come in a variety of colors and flavors that are certain to please a large audience.”

Leo: Crunch Bars

Leos are the zodiac sign associated with the sun, so they have a strong desire to flourish.

“If your zodiac sign is Leo, you should present a confection that makes a statement on its own. Therefore, Crunch is the best candy for you,” explains Hayes.

Even though this candy bar has been on store shelves for decades and has undergone changes throughout the years, it remains a timeless delight that provides comfort and familiarity—qualities that Leos also enjoy providing to those around them.

“Before its name change, it used to be the ‘Nestlé Crunch Bar,’ but despite this, it still has the same formula—chocolate peppered with rice crisps,” according to Hayes. “Its texture is so good, each conversation is bound to start with its familiar crackle.”

Virgo: Nerds

Nerds may be somewhat understated, but they shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly by Virgos.

“The intellectual Virgo is the ultimate ‘nerd’ of the zodiac (in a good manner). Therefore, it makes sense to include a container of Nerds in their Halloween bag.

Libra: SweeTARTS

Considered to be one of the zodiac’s gentler signs, Libras are known for being friendly, outgoing, and engaging.

“They prefer to keep things straightforward and gregarious. They also appreciate the company of others and are devoted companions, according to Hayes. “So for Halloween, you’ll need something simple and sweet like SweeTARTS.”

Scorpio: Snickers

“Scorpions are loyal and dependable, just like a Snickers bar,” says Charlotte Kirsten, professional astrologer and proprietor of Typically Topical. “However, there is always more beneath the surface than meets the eye,” she adds. “Like Snickers, Scorpios can deliver a powerful sting, particularly if you are allergic to nuts. Kristen continues, “They do not tolerate fools gladly and will let you know whether they like you or not.”

Sagittarius: Sour Patch Kids

“Bright, colorful, engaging, and inspiring, this wanderlust-driven sign is known for its freedom-seeking and independent nature,” Kirsten asserts. “And as sour patch kids can’t be found in every Halloween treat bag, they fully represent Sagittarius’ unique and pioneering nature.”

Due to their low tolerance for anything that might obstruct their perceived path to excellence, Sour Patch Kids are also an ideal match for any Sagittarius. If something stands in the way of a Sagittarius’ triumph, as the Sour Patch Kids slogan goes, “First they’re sour, then they’re sweet.”

“Fueled by ambition, the fiery Sagittarius knows exactly what it wants, and isn’t afraid to break a few rules to get it,” according to Kirsten. “They love to be on the go and detest anything that hinders their ‘need for speed,’ so cue the inevitable sugar high!”

Capricorn: Swedish Fish

“Capricornians have a penchant for providing gifts whose mere presence speaks volumes about them. Hayes suggests Swedish Fish for the Capricorn in keeping with this organizational ethos.

Aquarius: Pop Rocks

If you are an Aquarius, you need some thrilling confections to match your eccentric energy, and nothing says excitement like “tasting the explosion” of Pop Rocks.

“Both in action and thought, Aquarius has a true rebellious streak running through its veins, so it makes sense their Halloween candy is a little more ‘out of the box,'” adds Kirsten. “Aquarius refuses to be pinned down or held back by anything that puts a damper on their innovative side, and this eccentric air sign thrives on individuality and uniqueness, readily marching to the beat of its own drum before that of someone else’s.”

Pisces: Gummy Bears

“One of the most emotionally sensitive signs, Pisces knows exactly what it takes to comfort you, just like a bag of good ol’ gummy bears,” according to Kirsten. “Extremely perceptive, the visionary fish is constantly aware of its environs and can read the body language of others like a book. They are the first ones to detect a problem. Astrologically, they are the last zodiac sign, so they have experienced the highs, lows, happiness, and sorrow of all the previous signs. This unique characteristic makes them empathic powerhouses who are capable of great generosity and compassion.”

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