The Pasta You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Penne Alla Vodka

You’re strong and assertive, Aries, and you tend to leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet. You’re passionate and vocal about your opinions and prefer to speak your mind rather than sugarcoat things. As a result, people either love what you’re about or they stay far away. That doesn’t bother you, though; you know you’re a loyal and caring friend to those closest to you.

With its punchy tomato flavor and saucy vodka kick, the classic Penne Alla Vodka embodies all of your best qualities and is sure to keep you coming back for more. “What makes this recipe great for Aries is that you can add as much spice as you’d like to this sauce, and it will only enhance the flavor,”.

Taurus: Classic Cavatappi

Taurus is a sign of everyday luxuries, and as such, you tend to stick to the tried-and-true classics. Once you find your path in life, whether it’s your career or your romantic partnerships, you like to stay the course. You need pasta that can withstand the robust and intense flavors you loveā€”like Cavatappi.

And because you’re so stylish, you’ll be happy to know these curvy noodles photograph well and taste even better than they look. “Cavatappi is a classic and aesthetically pleasing pasta.

Gemini: Baked Feta Pasta

You’re always on the move, Gemini. Maybe it’s your active social life, or maybe it’s the fact that you’re always juggling a new hobby, but your mind never takes a minute to slow down. And you wouldn’t have it any other way; you’re endlessly curious and thrive off new experiences. Your perfect pasta dish will be quick to make but won’t sacrifice flavor for ease. You can also chat about it on your next night out.

“Baked pasta dishes are so trendy right now because they’re easy for the on-the-go crowd, and Gemini, in particular, will love how few ingredients it takes to make something this impressive,” Lecza says. It’s bursting with flavor, easy to clean up (it’s made in one dish), and feels truly gourmet.

Cancer: Lasagna

Sweet and sentimental, you’re a lover of nostalgia and good old-fashioned home cooking. You have a big heart and show your affection to others through acts of service (and delicious food). Whether it’s a birthday party or graduation, there’s a good chance you’re the one hosting. So, your ideal pasta needs to feed many people and pack up well for sending them home with leftovers.

Leo: Pasta Puttanesca

Your outgoing energy is hard to ignore, Leo, but that doesn’t mean you’re the diva everyone paints you to be. In fact, under all that swagger and charm is a secret softie who is pretty easy-going. You’re living proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Similarly, pasta puttanesca is a showy display of flavor and fragrance, but it’s actually very easy to make. “This dish has a few ingredients that people either love or hate, including plenty of bright and briny olives.

Virgo: Chicken and Orzo

Virgo, you’re practical and focused by nature, and your eye for detail makes you the most meticulous sign of the zodiac. You’ll want to get everything perfect, so the best pasta dish for you will be easy to make, without a bunch of complicated steps, while still being hearty and healthy.

Chicken and orzo can be cooked up in a single pot and topped with whatever garnishes you like. “Orzo is such a great pasta base because it pairs well with almost any sauce and any protein,” notes Lecza. “Virgo will like this dish because, in addition to being delicious, it’s easy to switch up on a whim without having to overhaul their entire routine.” Just add whatever broth, veggies, or protein you want to include in your diet.

Libra: Lamb Ragu

Most people see you as the diplomat of the zodiac, Libra. And while it’s true you like to keep things fair and balanced, there’s absolutely a side of you that loves to indulge. You like to take things slow and appreciate the little moments in life, as you understand the value of quality.

A delicious plate of lamb ragu is just the thing to get your senses going. “Ragu is one of the most decadent and luscious pasta dishes around, and many people are deterred by how long it takes to prepare correctly. Libra understands that good things take time, and this dish will reward their patience,” Lecza says. You’ll be sure to savor every bite as you take your time enjoying this classic dish with friends over a good glass of wine and a spicy conversation.

Scorpio: Stuffed Shells

You have quite the reputation for being intense and hard to read. You don’t always show your feelings on the surface, but that doesn’t mean you lack depth. In fact, you tend to hide away your soft and sweet interior because once you open up to other people, it’s hard for you to hide who you really are.

“Stuffed shells often get overlooked because people think they’re more trouble than they’re worth. When in reality, it’s so quick and easy to make a flavorful and hearty meal from this pantry staple,” Lecza says. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Enjoy this classic dish, which is surprisingly sweet inside, with one of your favorite people.

Sagittarius: Tuscan Gnocchi

You’re fun and adventurous, Sagittarius. Your curious mind and love of learning keep you on your toes. You like to put yourself right in the middle of unexpected situations, as you know growth comes from trying something new. So it makes sense that you’re the world traveler of the zodiac. As a result, you’re the type to choose your pasta preference based on cultural tradition and roots.

Classic Tuscan gnocchi will have you feeling like you’re just a blink away from the Italian coast, and it gives you a chance to send your tastebuds on a whole different type of adventure. “Gnocchi is a potato-based pasta that holds a heavy sauce well, so don’t be afraid to load up your plate.

Capricorn: Chicken Parm

You’re a lover of tradition and the classics, even with things as simple as your pasta order. As the sign that prides itself on being predictable and reliable, you find a lot of comfort in sticking to your favorites. Sure, you’ll step outside your comfort zone now and then, but in the end, you always find your way back to the tried and true.

Chicken Parm with a side of spaghetti is a hearty and delicious dish that not only comes together quickly but offers a full, well-rounded meal. “There’s a reason Chicken Parm is so popular, it’s easy to make and always delivers on flavor, texture, and quality.

Aquarius: Moussaka

You’re clever and adaptable, which some mistake as indifference. Although you tend to be an observer upon first meeting people, a lot is working under the surface of your active mind. Since you’re a free-thinker and independent spirit, you like to surround yourself with other unique souls.

“There are so many crazy pasta combinations out there that it’s truly hard to choose one for this quirky sign,” Lecza notes. “It’s always best to choose a more obscure noodle type (or noodle substitute) for mysterious and unpredictable Aquarius.” For that, Moussaka is a fun twist on a Greek classic that marries traditional flavor with surprising twists. A play on lasagna, the dish layers eggplant, ground beef, and potatoes.

Pisces: Shrimp Scampi

Known to be artistic and compassionate, Pisces tend to feel very free to express themselves to others. Although you get the stereotype of having your head in the clouds, you’re among the most balanced, consistent, and harmonious signs of the zodiac. Your open-hearted view of the world allows you to see things from any perspective. However, this emotional intelligence also means you need more time away from others to recharge and reset.

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