17 Yummy Veggie Pizza Recipes

How do you create vegetable pizza? Consider how crispy the pizza dough is, how creamy the mozzarella cheese is, and how the fresh vegetables on top are good for you. It’s simple to prepare, and if you experiment with a wide range of vegetables, you may come up with a lot of different flavor combinations.

When I bake pizza for my family, I use any kind of vegetables that I have on hand, and I often avoid using manufactured toppings (apart from the cheesy, melty mozzarella, of course!).

Tomatoes, onions, arugula, kale, eggplants, bell peppers, spinach, zucchini, and more fresh produce are all available here. These all create flavorsome vegetarian pizza toppings. It is necessary to prepare or roast certain vegetables in order to bring out their qualities, whilst the flavors of other vegetables are at their peak when they are eaten fresh. For added convenience, you might also use sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, or peppers that have been preserved in a jar.

Pizza With Peppers

Any person who enjoys pizza will really adore this delectable pizza topped with peppers! It has a crisp exterior, an abundance of taste, and is loaded with juicy peppers, fresh basil leaves, and cheese. It is a treat not only for the eyes but also for the taste buds.

Artichoke Pizza

17 Yummy Veggie Pizza Recipes

Without a doubt, this is one of the best vegetarian pizzas we’ve ever had. The mozzarella and convenient canned artichokes that have been marinated with hints of garlic, lemon, and herbs are affixed to the golden crust on top of the pizza.

Caprese Pizza

This insanely delicious Caprese pizza is a dream: the bottom is crusty, the topping is beautifully simple, and it’s finished with a drizzle of flavorful extra virgin olive oil.

Veggie Pizza

17 Yummy Veggie Pizza Recipes

Since I can remember, this has been one of my go-to choices when it comes to ordering pizza. Own a unique take on the traditional vegetable pizza on the menu. It’s called “vegetarian”, occasionally “portolan” (greengrocer). Peppers, zucchini, eggplants, and red onions are roasted or grilled before being used to make the topping. It’s amazing, and you can whip it up in no time!

Wholewheat Pizza With Olives

top view photo of pepperoni pizza beside brown cup filled with yellow liquid and ice cubes

What about making the pizza crust with whole wheat flour? It makes for a nutritious pizza base that’s full of fiber and nutrients, and it pairs nicely with virtually every topping you can think of. This recipe calls for the ideal combination of ingredients to produce a pizza that is both light and crispy, with a flavor that is comparable to that of a traditional pizza. The topping of arugula and black olives is delicious to me.

Greek Pizza With Feta Cheese

17 Yummy Veggie Pizza Recipes

This delicious pizza in the manner of Greece has won our hearts! The topping consists of red onions, tomatoes, fragrant oregano, Greek olives, and tangy feta cheese. Other ingredients include oregano and Greek olives. Ingredients with a straightforward preparation yet a complex flavor profile.

Pizza With Zucchini

Pizza Made With Zucchini Pizza made with zucchini is the ideal dish for parties during the summer. The freshly marinated zucchini is a wonderful complement to the crispiness of the crust and the shaved parmesan. In addition to that, it is quite simple to prepare. 

Pizza With Arugula

One of our favorites is this straightforward pizza that’s topped with arugula. It might come as a surprise to you, but raw arugula is a common topping choice for pizza. Because of its bright flavor, both the tomato sauce and the creamy mozzarella take on a more ethereal quality as a result. It also makes for a fantastic pairing with salty parmesan cheese, which can elevate even the most basic pizza to the level of a gourmet vegetarian pizza.

Kale Pesto Pizza

17 Yummy Veggie Pizza Recipes

This is an outstanding recipe for vegetarian pizza, and it’s the kind of dish that’s just right for a busy weekday. You are going to fall in love with the delicious and nutritious kale pesto, as well as the smooth cheese. How impressive is that?

Spinach Pizza With Pesto And Feta

This simple recipe for homemade vegetarian pizza with pesto is quick and easy to create from scratch. It comes with a whole ten-ounce bag of spinach, flavorful tomatoes, and a whole lot of garlic! It’s the crumbled feta on top that makes this vegetarian pizza so delicious and popular, but you could also try it with cream cheese or cheddar cheese instead.

Brussels Sprouts Pizza With Red Onions

17 Yummy Veggie Pizza Recipes

What about vegetarian pizza recipes that feature incredibly healthy toppings like artichokes or Brussels sprouts? I just can’t get enough of that crust!

Fresh Tomato Pizza

17 Yummy Veggie Pizza Recipes

You will receive a dough that is crisp after it has been cooked with only a really thin layer of pizza sauce and mozzarella, and then it is finished off with a complete bomb overload of Italian-style chopped salad topped with homemade Italian dressing. The recipe does not adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, but it tastes amazing, is loaded with protein, and makes for an excellent recipe for cold vegetable pizza.

Best Vegan Pizza

Best Vegan Pizza
In addition, if you are searching for dairy-free pizza toppings or vegan pizza, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this wonderful vegan recipe that even people who consume meat will enjoy. Because it is topped with a cashew cream sauce, summer vegetables, broccoli, corn, and sun-dried tomatoes, not only is it enjoyable to eat but it also looks quite pretty.

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